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The whole lifecycle of your marketing data managed in one place.
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The middle way

The real-time power of a Customer Data Platform with the flexibility of a Modern Data Stack.

CDP Algorithms

All the data ingested by the OS is processed in real-time.

We kept the best of a Customer Data Platform: user identity reconciliation, multi-touch attribution, user segmentation, automation...

Custom Apps

The unification of both ways of dealing with digital marketing data requires to introduce apps.

Like a smartphone, you can create an app for Rimdian and implement your own business logic.

MDS flexibility

Better than a Modern Data Stack warehouse, Rimdian runs on an Hybrid Transactional & Analytical Processing engine (SingleStore DB).

Your fresh data is accessible via SQL & API.

We are a Conscious Company

Work should embrace people's lives
We practice Nonviolent Communication
We support initiatives that are pushing for a balanced & sustainable future
We are a remote-first company
We understand The Four Agreements
We consider ourselves Artisans