Keep your Customer Data at home

Rimdian is an open-source & composable Customer Data Platform.

Why Rimdian?

Google Analytics is useless

    Google Analytics misses 30% of your traffic because of Ad-blockers.
    Google Analytics cookies are limited to 24h on Safari (iPhone / Mac) for marketing campaigns.
    Google Analytics database never updates the past,
    therefore there is no cross-device user reconciliation possible.
    Because of that, only the end of the customer journey is attributed to your marketing campaigns.
    Looking at wrong numbers will destroy your marketing strategy.
    Google Analytics has been banned in France
    for an incompatibility with European regulation (GDPR).

Let's build on a solid foundation

Collect, unify & activate your Customer Data

Custom tracking domain

Measure 100% of your traffic & avoid cookies limitations on Safari with your own tracking domain.

User reconciliation

User identities are reconciliated & merged in real-time by their email or any custom keys.

Multi-touch attribution

Understand the impact of your cross-device marketing campaigns with multi-touch attribution. Goodbye Google Analytics.


Your data is processed in real-time and available for analytics & activation.

Custom Apps

Extend the platform tables & business logic with custom apps to fit your needs.

SQL access

The whole platform relies on a cutting-edge MySQL compatible database, accessible to your BI tools.

User segmentation

Create dynamic segments based on user properties & events. Sync them to your ad platforms audiences.

Marketing automation

Trigger marketing automation workflows based on real-time events to create customized user experiences.

AI ready

With Rimdian, your data is unified, cleaned, modeled & ready to be used by AI apps.